After having been freed from the responsibility of packaging, Høyer has more effective work processes

For more than fifteen years, the chain store Høyer has been a true fashion mecca for quality-conscious Norwegians who are interested in fashion, and here, the shopping experience is front and centre. The Norwegian businessman Ørnulf Høyer opened the doors to the first store back in 2004 in Sjølyst, Norway, and today you can find Høyer’s stores throughout the country and shop at their popular webshop

Høyer is a store chain that wants the customer to be captivated in every possible way – from the moment the customer enters the store and is greeted by highly motivated employees, to the moment they leave with a carrier bag in tow. This also means that Høyer refuses to compromise on anything – including packaging.

In 2020, Høyer therefore entered into a working partnership with Scanlux Packaging, offering a packaging solution that meant that Høyer could let go of all the logistics behind the packaging.

A packaging manager with their hands full

It’s not uncommon for warehouse managers in larger businesses to be responsible for many different tasks. It’s a job in which there tends to be a wide range of contacts and close working relationship with a number of suppliers. At Høyer, the warehouse manager was also responsible for the company’s packaging.

Before Høyer and Scanlux Packaging started their collaboration, the fashion company had no less than five different packaging suppliers. This made it very difficult for the warehouse manager to stay focused when it came to keeping track of inventory.

Calls would often come in from the numerous Høyer stores that they had run out of bags, and the warehouse manager also had to keep track of deliveries, logistics and suppliers. In short, it had turned into somewhat of a challenge for the company, and the warehouse manager had far too much to see to.