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New catalogue: Packaging and wrapping for stores and webshops – all year round and Christmas

Wrapping up Christmas?

Pamper your customers a little extra for Christmas! Tie a beautiful bow, put on a tag, and make a sassy statement with divine tissue paper.


Make a special gift wrapping for Christmas.

Find our Christmas catalogue here

Gift wrapping paper

- Everyday

We believe that every day is special. So why not give your customers an extra special gift wrapping? In our Everyday gift wrapping paper catalogue you will find All colours of the rainbow and multitudes of lavish designs!

Wild patterns and elegant expressions. It's all here.

Find your Everyday look right here

Product catalogue

- Extra

Gift wrapping is more than gift paper. Gift bags are a fast and simple way to make a beautiful wrapping. Add tissue paper and ribbons. It's easy!

Put it in the bag!

Need bags? Take a look in our product catalogue - extra

Don't you just love surprising webshop packaging?

Your webshop packaging might be the customer's first impression of your company. So make it a moment your customer will not forget.

Make a lasting impression

Find inspiration in our webshop packaging catalogue

Dive into our world

Creative lab

Design is key

Looking for your own personal branded packaging? Let us invite you into a world of bold colours and patterns, magnificent materials, innovative designs and beautiful gift wrapping. 

Learn more about our Creative Lab


Are you green enough for Gen Y and Z

The younger your audience, the
higher the demand for sustainable choices. In the young modern consumers eyes, you need to walk the talk and prove what you do for the environment.

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