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Design Audit

Scanlux receives EcoVadis silver medal!

Our environmental policy

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EcoVadis Silver Medal 2023

The first time we applied to be part of the EcoVadis evaluation programme, Scanlux Packaging was awarded a beautiful silver medal. We are incredibly proud and delighted with this recognition, emphasising our commitment to sustainable business practices.

But what is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis is an independent sustainability rating platform that carefully evaluates companies based on their environmental and social practices. Today, 125,000+ companies are working with the EcoVadis rating programme.

They evaluate a wide range of key areas, such as environmental performance, labour practices, sustainable sourcing, ethical business practices and social impact.

An EcoVadis Silver Medal shows that we not only fulfil quality standards in packaging but also comply with strict social and environmental criteria and set high standards in sustainability compared to the other companies EcoVadis assesses.

What does our silver medal mean to us and our customers?

Ann Lindhardtsen Nielsen, our ISO & FSC Specialist, has worked with sustainability and certifications for many years here at Scanlux and emphasises, "Many of our customers have sustainability goals, and we, therefore, see it as an essential focus for our business to be able to support our partners' goals.

We are now among only 15% of all companies assessed by EcoVadis to have achieved silver, but next time, we're going for gold. Working with sustainability is a constant and dynamic process. We always strive to become an even better and more relevant partner for our customers."


See our EcoVadis rating here

We want to be not only a packaging supplier for our customers but also a business partner that actively contributes to taking responsibility for our impact on society and the environment.

Many shades of green

There are many levels of sustainable production.

We will not decide what is the right shade of green for your


However, since we are FSC®-certified, we can guide you to make the sustainable choice that best suits your company.

Meet the green standards

Lost in the certificate jungle?
FSC® and ISO14001 are some of the most important certifications to guarantee that both climate and environment are taken into account, when choosing sustainable packaging.


Green projects

More sustainable packaging solutions. 

We are obsessed with new innovative materials

The use of home shopping has increased dramatically, and
packaging is more than ever a key factor when customers
choose where to shop.

We love new innovative materials that
meet the demand of conscious consumers. Like Paptic - a
sustainable material that has the qualities of plastic


Dive into our world


Design is key

Let us invite you into a world of
bold colours and patterns, magnificent materials, innovative designs and sustainable solutions.



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Wear it, wear it again

Flaph believes we can all become much better at thinking sustainability into our clothing habits. Scanlux Packaging has designed their unique and exclusive colour explosion of a shipping bag.

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