Design audit

Design Audit

The Carrier Bag Generating Traffic to ARK Bookstore’s Website

A tailored solution

ARK Bokhandel sought a new partner that could tailor a packaging solution without the major changes. Price and development of existing products was prioritized the highest in the choice of a new supplier. Scanlux Packaging was that choice. The joint project resulted in the printing of “” on the new carrier bag.

The customers using ARK’s physical stores was exposed to the bookstore chain’s website. The new plastic bag is made from recycled plastic. ARK Bokstore’s focus is not solely on innovation, but also the struggle to preserve the environment. ARK wanted, as mentioned, a tailor-made solution without major visible changes.

Through co-operation, and with advice from Scanlux Packaging, this tailor-made plastic bag contributes to the ARK Bokstore’s environmental profile, while at the same time its website address is increasingly visible on the streets.

Ark packaging design details
Ark branded shipping bag
Ark shipping bag design

Creative advice and logistics

Through working together, the two companies of ARK and Scanlux Packaging have gotten to know each other and their values. Furthermore, Scanlux Packaging not only provides advice and creative suggestions for ARK, it also handles the logistics of the packaging.

Each ARK store is set up in Scanlux Packaging system, meaning that the individual store can order packaging directly through a personal webshop. In this cooperation, there is a clear agreement that Scanlux Packaging manages warehousing as well as ensuring delivery to the individual store when they order on the webshop.


Scanlux Packaging looks forward to future collaboration with ARK Bookstore, and Scanlux Packaging will continue to strive to be ARK’s creative advisor in order to ensure that it gets the optimal packaging solution that meets its needs.


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