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Design Audit

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For both the brand and the customer, first impressions are vital, and the visual and tactile experience is everything. When your product inspires great expectations already in your packaging, you leave your audience with a brand memory worth sharing.

We are nerds when it comes to design. We are passionate about all details. The material, the angles, the tight creases, the perfect fit.

Together with you we create packaging designs that lift your brand’s core values to a new level, whether it be tailormade solutions, innovative materials, or sustainable

We obsess about…
Creative development
Structural design
Sustainable solutions
Plastic free packaging
Graphic design
Tangible prototypes
Innovative materials

Take a look inside
Scanlux Packaging

We know the insides and outs of boxes and bags and what
makes a tight crease or a perfect fold. We also know how
important the relation is in a long-term collab with good clients.

We want to create a safe and inspiring partnership based on
trust, know-how and a deep understanding of our clients’



We know what it means for a brand to be in the hands of customers.

Dare to be creative

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The creative process

We want a close collab with our clients. And ongoing
dialogue that ensures your core brand values and client
ownership. Everything starts up with a good talk and a
thorough briefing.


Dive into an inspiring world of colours, patterns, materials, qualities, and design options together with our designers. Be bold, elegant, or sustainable. Be your values and visions.

We have designed packaging for over 30 years and know it takes more than just an excellent design to make great packaging. Functionality and production expertise are also essential for economical valid, and successful branded packaging, and our designers master the competencies.


Paper, plastic, or grass? Searching for the right material can be overwhelming, but knowing what you're looking at is important. New and exciting materials are being developed in this time of climate change, and the packaging industry are front runners on sustainable packaging. And so are our packaging experts. They will guide you to the best material for your packaging and needs.

And don't forget we hold an FSC® certification that gives you the possibility to put the world-renowned label on your own sustainable packaging. 


We make artworks for your new design to be sure that design, materials, and production meet our demand for excellent quality. The artwork gives us a precise sample of the final packaging product and helps us prevent eventual faults in the final design and production. It is always an exciting moment!


Dive into our world


Design is key

Let us invite you into a world of bold colours and patterns,
magnificent materials, innovative designs and sustainable solutions.



Now, post it!

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We are only as good as our latest work

We love working with curious and ambitious
brands aiming to elevate the customer’s experience. Check out some of our work here and read more about how we have helped elevate brands through quality packaging solutions.

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