Design audit

Design Audit

Crystal clear design for beautiful nights

Their product design is based on the same principles that underlie the content of their skincare products – namely a luxurious simplicity with a clear and almost minimalist look made of the highest quality and finest materials.

Storytelling through packaging design

ByNacht produces and distributes exclusive and natural skincare products and requires a luxury paper bag to house their products and match their brand. The bag also needs to express their values and philosophy.


A philosophy that transcends a holistic approach to their products, all of which focus on the fact that in this busy and constantly evolving world, we need a good night’s sleep with quality skincare products.

Simple luxury products require simple luxury packaging

In order to reflect the brand’s values, the design of the paper bag had to be carefully thought out. The most important factors here, were to ensure the pure beauty and simple lines are expressed in the bag’s design.

The premium quality bag is therefore produced in solid matte dark blue paper, so there are no visible white corners or edges on the bag. Elegant grosgrain handles are glued discreetly into the fold of the bag’s top. The carrier bag also has a strong origami valley fold to avoid fold marks on the front or back of the bag. All design elements highlight the exclusive and quality of the design, that is also a hallmark of ByNachts products.

The logo in the middle of the bag is an embossed silver foil print, which makes the paper bag exude extravagance. The embossing in the strong material is a kind of stamp of quality for the customer, who can immediately sense the feeling of luxury. The silver colour of the logo also compliments the dark colour of the bag, creating a fine dynamic and making it visually striking. Again, it fits in with the colour of the packaging of ByNacht products.

The colour is very reminiscent of the dark night sky, and the silver of the twinkling stars – an image that matches ByNacht’s name and the idea of a good night’s sleep. Throughout, there is a clear red (or dark blue) thread that gives the brand a consistent look.


It also helps to create recognition for the buyer of the product and the bag, who can immediately spot the link between the brand, the product and the paper bag.

ByNacht ribbon
ByNacht_grosgrain handle_detail

Well thought out design details support the exclusive experience

Together with the durable bag and the grosgrain ribbon handle, the bag comes with a gift ribbon that gives the wrapping an extra attention to detail. The gift ribbon is essential for the overall impression and adds the finishing touch to the luxury bag.

The ByNacht ribbon is a dark blue grosgrain ribbon with silver foil logo print, which references the colours of the products and complements the product design itself. 


The shiny ribbon can change in silver lettering and briefly resembles a precious stone coated ribbon – adding the finishing touch to the exclusive design.

A cohesive product and design concept creates a credible brand

ByNachts bags are a prime example of how a luxury brand can conceptually link luxury materials and design, to create a connection between their products and packaging.


A connection that the customer can also quickly sense, creating recognition and loyalty through a representation of the brand’s values.

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