A passion for packaging

Danish design Global outlook

Strong design roots and international approach
With a base in Denmark, we are rooted in the strong,
Scandinavian design tradition. And with international clients,
we think globally both in terms of production and logistics

Creativity and innovation

We are driven by creativity and innovation.
We are curious and always want to stay informed and focused
on what is new and what is possible within materials,
production and sustainability

Champions at logistics

We can take care of A-Z of the packaging value chain. From idea
development, design and production to warehouse storage,
individual webshop and deliveries.

scanlux headquarters
Scanlux swedish headquarters

From Denmark with love

With love from Scanlux Packaging in Denmark

The story

Jan Kornelius was 19 years old in 1988, when he and a friend designed a special bag for fruit. Before long, he was selling the bag to grocery stores in Copenhagen...

Want to unbox your talent with us?

We welcome specialists.
We are always looking for more hands to create, test and push
us to the next level. Whether your drive is within tech,
operations, marketing, supply, logistics, design or sales.
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We care

Principles and standards
To ensure that the production is being carried out by people who are treated with respect and work under good conditions, we have a code of conduct that all employees and third parties acting on behalf of Scanlux must follow

We admit it.
We revel in details.

We are passionate about all details. The material, the angles, the tight creases, the perfect fit. Together with you we create packaging designs that lift your brand’s core values to a new level, whether it be tailormade solutions, innovative materials, or sustainable options.


Why choose Scanlux?

The first impression is vital, and the visual and tactile experience is everything. If your product inspires great expectations already in your packaging, you leave your audience with a brand memory worth sharing. Let us help you find the perfect packaging solution to elevate your brand in the hands of your customers.

Here's why

Dive into our world


Design is key

Let us invite you into a world of
bold colours and patterns,
magnificent materials, innovative
designs and sustainable solutions.



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