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Design Audit

All Inclusive Packaging Solution for Denmark’s Largest Sports Chain

Sportsmaster is Denmark’s largest sports chain, with more than 100 stores. In conjunction with its physical stores, it also runs a webshop and a membership club. 

Going From Own Warehousing to Outsourcing

Sportmaster and Scanlux Packaging has been collaborating on packaging solutions for more than 10 years. This, on everything from plastic bags to wrapping paper, gift bags, and ribbons. Sportmaster appreciates price, service, and credibility in the collaboration.

It’s a collaboration that’s evolved during the years. Sportmaster started out warehousing and distributing its own packaging, but has since outsourced that task to Scanlux Packaging (but has found a solution where Scanlux Packaging takes care of that task).

A feature of this solution entails a personal webshop, from which the individual Sportmaster store can order its day-to-day packaging. This solution is flexible, and can be adjusted according to the wishes of Sportmaster. A combined solution of warehousing and distribution at Scanlux Packaging means that Sportmaster can fully dedicate itself to selling sportswear and equipment.

Sportmaster gift card box
Sportmaster string bag with logo
Sportmaster slogan
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