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Branded shipping boxes

From brown cardboard box to brand power

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First impressions mean everything

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Beautiful packaging for the beauty webshop

BliVakker wanted a more sustainable packaging solution.

This was their vision


GUIDE for your webshop packaging

Think sustainable solutions for your webshop packaging.

These are things to consider

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Shipping box black/brown cardboard. Twosidet. 3 mm


Shipping bag white recycled, black inside. With handle

0,20 - 0,40

Shipping bag paper, nature

0,53 - 0,80

Get into webshop packaging

Webshop is hot. Keep yourself updated on trends, design, and buying behavior with our articles and design projects.

Don't forget your shipping accessories

Brown Corrugated Cardboard. FSC®

7,95 - 33,45

Bubble Wrap 30% Recycled Material

24,45 - 59,95

Packing tape brown kraft paper. FSC®


Packing Tape, Clear


Paper shred for safe packaging, brown 10 kg


Handmodel Tapedispencer


Delivery note pocket, neutral. 1000 pcs.


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