Design audit

Design Audit

Imprinting brand memories.

Create enchanting wrapping for all your Christmas presents.

Gift wrapping paper

Want to wrap your Christmas in green, white, red or pink? Explore our many beautiful Christmas designs.


Wrap your goods in the Christmas spirit!

Find our Christmas gift wrapping paper here

Gift boxes

The gift box is easy to wrap or can be used as it is with a beautiful ribbon.


Big, small or triangular?

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Gift bags

If you want to wrap your Christmas presents quickly, a gift bag is both an easy and beautiful solution.


Patterned or plain?

Find our gift bags here

Ribbons, tags & decor

Tie a bow, add a gift tag or decorate the gift with a Christmas tree on a string. How do you wrap for your customers?


Decorate the gift!

Find our ribbons, tags and decorations right here

Pink Christmas

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Save time by using gift bags

Although it is primarily the gift itself that counts, the packaging also matters a lot. A beautiful and aesthetically wrapped gift is an expression of the thought and effort that the gift-giver put into the gift as a whole. However, wrapping a gift and tying the perfect bow isn’t easy for everyone.



Surprise and pamper your customers with a velour gift bag

The idea for the velour gift bag first saw the light of day several years ago in connection with the production of a Trend Book – a giant inspiration book showing the latest trends and designs. At that time, the velour bag only existed as a sketch, when the desire arose to combine a trend with something as classic as a gift bag, giving it an upmarket look. 

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Why do we give each other gifts, and why do we wrap gifts?

There is great brand value in making gift-giving into an experience, and perhaps this can inspire you in your choice of both packaging and packaging supplier.

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