Design audit

Design Audit

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Luxury packaging
with consideration

Anna+ nina is a modern company that understands that every decision is part of their brand's story, a brand that wants to create marvellous products while taking the environment into account. And that's exactly what was part of their packaging strategy.


The packaging concept is simple and expressive - just like their brand

Here, the design creates the brand experience

We admit it.
We revel in details.

Together with our designers, dive into an inspiring world of colours, patterns, materials, qualities, and design options. Be bold, elegant, or sustainable. Be your values and visions.

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We know what it means for a brand to be in the hands of customers.

Dare to be creative

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Do what you do best
- we'll handle the rest

Packaging is your opportunity to communicate your brand's core values and visual profile - whether it's with customised design, innovative materials or sustainable choices.

Since 1988, we have been providing high-quality packaging for large and small businesses alike, and today we are one of Scandinavia's largest providers of in-store and online shop packaging.

Together with you, we create the packaging that makes your brand memorable.

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Creative Lab

Design is key

Let us invite you into a world of colour trends and patterns, amazing materials, innovative designs and sustainable options.

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Packaging is an important tool in your marketing – use it!

Do you see your packaging only as a practical way to protect your products? A study shows that a third of your ustomer’s buying decisions are based on how the packaging for your product looks. 

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Paptic – sustainable paper packaging with the benefits of plastic

Paptic is a revolutionary material with endless possibilities. But what exactly is it and how can it help you in your business?

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