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Design Audit

Let your brand leave a lasting impression

Everything under one roof

We are your strategic and creative packaging partner, helping you with everything from idea to finished production and distribution of your packaging.

We offer:

  • design and consultancy from idea to finished product
  • logistics solutions where we provide storage space and continuous replenishment of your packaging
  • your own webshop to make it easy for your stores to order home packaging themselves.


34+ years of good relationships
We have many years of experience in packaging. We know what creates a perfect fold, a unique design, and the production processes that result in quality packaging for your customers. Our cooperation with you is based on trust, knowledge and understanding of your needs and challenges.


Do what you do best - we'll handle the rest

What can we help you with?

Use your packaging to make your brand visible.
First impressions are everything, and the visual and immediate experience is one that your customers will remember you for. When the customer perceives your packaging as thoughtful, beautiful and user-friendly, it will also have a positive impact on the experience of your product. We know what it means to be a brand in the hands of customers.

We tell the story of your brand through vibrant packaging

The packaging is the physical dimension of your brand. Consumers have an intuitive sense of who you are when they hold your packaging in their hands. Packaging is your opportunity to communicate your brand's core values and visual profile - whether it's with customised design, innovative materials or sustainable choices.

Since 1988, we have been providing high-quality packaging for large and small businesses alike, and today we are one of Scandinavia's largest providers of in-store and online shop packaging.


Together with you, we create the packaging that makes your brand memorable.

Find inspiration from our case studies here

The brand experience is your brand

You want to be remembered for your unique story, and your packaging is a part of it. By branding your packaging, you can communicate the company’s core values and visual profile and, at the same time, imprint your brand in your consumers’ memories. 

Our packaging specialists have years of experience bringing brands and messages to life, attracting attention, and creating value for your company. 

Together we can give your customers a fantastic experience!

Creative concept development and tailor-made design

We stay up to date on the latest knowledge, trends and technological possibilities. Both in terms of material selection and in the development of processes and innovative designs. That's why you get beautiful designs that, with the right combination of colours, patterns and packaging types, communicate your company's brand and create recognition among your customers.


Our packaging specialists have years of experience in bringing brands and messages to life, so that they create awareness and thus value for you. We bring your idea to life.

Be inspired by our Design Projects

Does your company have a green profile? 

We can help you with more environmentally friendly solutions for your packaging.

Greener packaging and eco-friendly initiatives have played a major role at Scanlux Packaging for many years. We can help you achieve a more environmentally friendly packaging solution through analyses, material selection and re-design. 


We are an FSC® (C-126290) certified company, so you can also get the coveted FSC® logo on your packaging.

Let me read more about making my packaging greener

The practical: production and logistics

At Scanlux Packaging, we have the facilities, systems and expertise to handle all your packaging logistics and distribution needs.

We stock your range of packaging to avoid overproduction, backorders or shortages.

Your daily logistics work is in safe hands with us - and it can save you unnecessary warehousing costs, wasted resources and time. With us you can easily, quickly and flexibly order packaging yourself and have it delivered directly to your door.


We make packaging easy for you.

Do you want to know more about our logistics solutions?

“Our project to get more environmentally-friendly packaging for our business is a success. We have received many positive comments from our customers who think it’s great that our bags can now be recycled, which shows that this is something our customer segment is also focused on.”

Thor Sverre Molle
Logistics director at Brandsdal Group, BliVakker

Stablede pakker

Day-to-day: Order your packaging in your own webshop

In a busy everyday life, it's important to be able to act and make the right decisions quickly and effortlessly. This also applies to your packaging.

When you store your packaging with us, we can offer you your own webshop, which makes it easy for your stores to independently order packaging and quickly have it delivered directly to the door as needed.

Of course, we make sure that your product range is full, so that you are not without packaging for your customers.


Your packaging is just a click away.

Read more about our webshop solution here

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Funky cardboard boxes with presence and service messages

Your shipping box doesn't have to be boring. With a few tweaks in graphics and colour choices, it can make your customers go WOW!

Get inspired by the boxes from Crisp Sheets


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It's important to act and make the right decisions quickly and effortlessly in a busy life. This also applies when it comes to choosing your packaging supplier.

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We're nerds when it comes to design. We're passionate about every detail. The material, the angles, the crisp folds, the perfect fit.

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