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Solution – Packaging and Logistics in one Solution


We have a great solution

Stop worrying about logistics and storage

Designing and making packaging is one thing. Handling all the logistic challenges of shipping everything from carrier bags to printed matertials to shops all over the world is quite another.

We can do some of the work for you. We have the facilities, systems and the expertise to handle all aspects of logistics and distribution. This means that you can spend your time and resources doing what you do best. We call this SOLUTION.

Personal webshop

A personal web shop gives you a tailor-made customer portal that makes shipping packaging to your shops easy, fast and flexible. The portal gives every individual shop access to the company’s web shop, where they can order materials as required.

We stock your selection of packaging products and ship them directly to shops throughout Europe. From your head office you can monitor the consumption and history of each individual shop. Naturally, we avoid excess production and back orders.

Logistics and storage

Storage and distribution of packaging products can be a great challenge – especially to large retail chains with a large number of shops. Therefore, we are specialised in flexible logistics solutions.

We offer to store the finished packaging products in our storage facility and ship them to your shops throughout Europe. This enables you to minimise storage costs and save administrative resources.


At Scanlux Packaging, we have always believed in the value of close collaboration between designers and manufacturers. Not only does a common understanding and exchange of experience result in fewer misunderstandings and better solutions. It also enables us to create new, innovative packaging solutions.

In INNOVATION and BRANDLAB we thus benefit from our close collaboration with our production facilities in Europe and Asia. They have been carefully selected to meet our high environmental, quality and humanitarian standards.



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