Complete your customers shopping experience with beautiful packaging

Your gift wrapping is a unique opportunity to make a make a good impression on the customers in the store. The design options are endless. We can design just the kind of packaging that’ll make the shopping experience in your store stand out. By combining gift boxesribbons and gift wrapping paper when you pack gifts, you’ll achieve amazing effects, which will make your wrapped products look like a million.

We have a wide selection of paperscardboardribbon with different qualities, as well as many options in paper design and multi-colour printing. Brandlab is standing by to offer help and guidance in choosing the right kind of packaging for your store.

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FSC® wrapping paper

Gift boxes wholesale for this Christmas

Gift bags

Gift bags in good, sturdy quality

Beautiful packaging and easy to use

FSC® certified packaging

Responsible and unique

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Gift boxes

Gift boxes are the best packaging option for the busy store

The gift box is the best packaging to use during peak hours in your shop. Quick to use, always elegant and never deform. If it’s the exclusive look you’re after, there’s an option to make a lamination in paper, plastic, fabric, velour, metal or leather. Choose the size, shape, colour and materials exactly as you want them – BRANDLAB is more than happy to help consulting.

Gift boxes with your print

On your terms

Gift Boxes

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Tissue paper

Tissue paper

Many marvelous designs

Your logo

Get tissue paper that is 100% unique

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Cellophane bags

100% exclusive

Cellophane rolls

100% elegant

Wine packaging

Wide selection in the shop

Wine cartons with your graphics

Uniquely tailored


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