Design audit

Design Audit

From brown cardboard box to brand power

A crisp signature colour or a groovy graphic can do wonders for an otherwise brown cardboard box.

If you have brand colours - use them!

Here, ordinary brown shipping boxes have been made both exciting AND exclusive by using the brand colours and by utilising every surface to convey what the company stands for.

All surfaces are in a deep salmon colour. The boxes exude softness, calm and intensity. The colour matches the brand's identity and is used in everything from the website design to the products.

The classic cardboard box structure is still clearly visible under the colour, but it only emphasises the naturalness and sustainability initiatives that are also part of the company's DNA.


The colour is instantly eye-catching and recognisable to the recipient - and requires nothing more than a simple signature colour.

Make your customers curious with graphics

However, the signature colour doesn't stand alone. The logo and other graphics are placed unconventionally on the boxes. The logo is broken down over the corners and sides of the boxes as an unusual but well-thought-out graphic element. This means that the boxes with the logo are suddenly transformed into designer packaging that enhances the recipient's impression of quality. A quality that also applies to the impression of the product inside.

The clear logo is joined by small statements and information that emphasise the brand's values and highlight what the product can do. For example, the company wishes the customer "SWEET DREAMS" and gives tips for a night of better sleep. They play with different fonts but keep all the writing in white.

This way, the reading is both playful, but also clear.  They show that the customer is the focus even before they have the product in hand and that the company has professional expertise that they share generously to give the customer a fantastic experience of incredible service, standard and commitment.

It's a well-crafted and superbly designed example of how colour and text can transform packaging from standard to exclusive


It also brings the brand and products to life and sends a clear signal to the customer about the organisation's identity, values and level of service.

Beautiful funky cardboard boxes with excitement, joy and brand information

That's what these shipping boxes are. They prove that a good design, a quirky print or a well-thought-out graphic can take packaging a million miles above the standard brown cardboard box. A simple solution that makes it easy for customers to recognise your brand and remember you the next time they're looking for something like bedding.

Think about how your packaging can showcase your values in its simplicity - whether they are based on quality, sustainability or exclusivity. A few changes to your packaging design can make a big difference.

It may be "just" a box with a logo. But let it be a colourful, stylish, interesting or tasteful box with a logo. Then there's no doubt you'll be remembered for longer.

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