Design audit

Design Audit

Packaging poetry: A brand narrative in brilliant colours

Luxury packaging with care

The packaging speaks for itself and clearly communicates a brand that wants to create experiences while caring for the environment. The entire universe is aesthetically strong, made from durable materials so that luxury bags and gift boxes can be recycled for the benefit of consumers, the environment and anna + nina.

anna+ nina is a modern company that understands that every decision is part of their brand's story, a brand that wants to create marvellous products while taking the environment into account. And that's exactly what was part of their packaging strategy.

Paper and board are FSC® certified (FSC-C126290) and all inks on the packaging are water-based.


The packaging follows the common thread of green thinking that also runs through the company's products.

Bold colours and good energy

Colours set the mood, provide eye-catching and strong recognisability, and there's no doubt about it. The juicy shades of blue, green and pink are a burst of colourful joy that shines brightly on the streets. The bags are two-tone with cotton handles in contrasting colours.


The colours play with the surfaces and the eye never gets bored. The luxury boxes have the same saturated colours, but are kept monochrome, which gives them a strong presence.

The invisible detail is a Japanese style folding base

We don't think much about how a bag is folded when it's lying flat, but it can have an impact on its appearance.

These bags are made with what is called a block bottom. In short, it's a flat bottom that allows the bag to stand on its own. And when the bag is folded flat, the bottom folds up under the bottom of the bag.


Det betyder, at foldningen ligger i midten af bundens længderetning, og ikke altså ikke giver folder på front- eller bagside af posen som en traditionel foldning.

The golden logo, which is embossed on both bags and gift boxes, adds a three-dimensionality to the packaging and gives the design a funky and adventurous flavour.

Grøn pose på silkepapir med Tangy circles
Anna Nina 3 luksusposer på skrå
Anna Nina gaveæsker

With anna + nina's desire to incorporate responsibility into their packaging range, it was obvious to use FSC-certified paper in their packaging range.

It's better for the environment than traditional paper and sends a signal to their customers about their commitment to the environment.

The FSC® label means that the wood used in manufacturing comes from forests that are sustainably managed and ensure decent conditions throughout the supply chain.


The paper that makes a difference...

Show your customers that you do not contribute negatively to CO2 emissions and actively support better working conditions for workers in the wood industry with FSC® labelling on your packaging.

Learn more about the different FSC® labels here

Make tissue paper part of the story

Tissue paper does more than protect delicate goods. No detail is forgotten, and here the tissue paper is also part of the story.

The logo dominates the entire surface as a repeating graphic, and occasionally one of the brand colours breaks the uniform pattern.


It's surprising and adds that little extra experience when unpacking your purchases.

Scanlux Packaging as a partner in a colourful universe

The entire design process has been an inspiring and dynamic collaboration between Scanlux Packaging and anna + nina.


The beautiful packaging range has been created in collaboration with the customer and with Scanlux's extensive knowledge and experience in materials and production.

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