Branding: How to choose the right wrapping paper

20th February 2019|Retail Experience|

You can already tell the quality from the paper: strong and with a beautiful print. Royal blue and tied with a neat bow. There’s no doubt about it. It’s an expensive gift.

How you decide to gift wrap your products makes a difference to your customers. Choosing the right gift wrapping has an impact on the customer’s impression of your brand.

Paper tells the story

If your business is like many others, it’s mostly your products you have in mind when thinking about quality: Should the product be high quality, or are you going for a more budget-friendly approach? And the quality of the product also plays a decisive role in how consumers regard your brand. Nothing new here. But the way you package your products instore actually plays an almost equally important role in how customers regard the quality of your brand.

”By wrapping your products beautifully, you complete the purchase with an exclusive customer experience. If you wrap your product in silk paper first, then a box and finally some beautiful wrapping paper, you send the signal that your products mean a lot to you. Wrapping is the final exclusive touch. A touch that means a lot for the customer’s impression of the product’s worth,” explains Charlotte Grosen, Art Director at Scanlux Packaging.

By being meticulous about your gift packaging, you add value to your brand and make a positive impact on customers’ impressions of your brand.

rose gift wrapping with star ribbon
Gifts with floating leaves

Choose packaging that complements your brand

For luxury brands, it’s particularly important to complete the customer journey with an exclusive experience. A positive ending to the purchase experience makes for loyal customers, as they are made to feel special. However, the most important thing isn’t whether or not you gift wrap with silk tissue paper. The most important thing is that your packaging complements the image you want to achieve for your brand.

If you’re selling luxury products, the packaging should be luxurious too. That requires more layers, good materials and the sales assistant’s time. However, if you’re selling budget items, a good fit for your brand could be packaging in a simple plastic bag or perhaps a gift box without a ribbon.

Everything should match, so customers always know where to place your brand. The customer should know what you stand for – whether it’s the highest quality or the cheapest price. In choosing the right type of gift packaging, you give your customers an experience that supports your brand – luxurious or not.