Design audit

Design Audit

Acne Studios. A strong brand ally.

Design and quality are of great importance for Acne Studios. These aspects are crucial for the whole process – from the design of the collections, to its packaging solution.

A logo that pops

To ensure the iconic Acne logo stood out and felt more exclusive than a regular print, we created a 3D effect on the print, leaving the logo to be bulky under the customer’s fingertips.

Where flawless is goal. And failure no-go.

Japanese custom made paper
Any paper won’t do for us – and the same goes for Acne Studios. To obtain the exact feel of it, their paper was custom made in Japan before we would do the careful dying process. Getting their signature brand colour right and resulting in the only outcome Acne Studios can accept: Flawless.

Not just any peach or powder
Most people know the Acne powdery pink brand colour. But few know they have a patent on their Pantone. It is of vital importance that the colour is displayed exactly the same across all materials and a strict dogma is just the kind of challenge our Creative Lab loves.


ACNE owns the patent to their signature colour

Blue transparent Acne bag

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Design is key

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