Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for bespoke packaging

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) – bespoke packaging:

Plastic bags10.000 pcs.
Paper bags, budget5.000 pcs.
Paper bags, luxury2.000 pcs.
Ribbons – polyester50 rolls
Ribbons – satin25 rolls
Tissue paper20 pkg. with 480 sheets
Gift boxes, budget3.000 pcs.
Gift boxes, luxury1.000 pcs.
Gift Wrapping Paper Rolls30 pcs.
Custom Label Print6.000 pcs.
Shipping boxes1.500 pcs.
Shipping bags5.000 pcs.

Minimum order quantity varies depends on the design for Gift Box-Luxury and Gift Wrapping Paper roll.

For smaller minimum order quantities of our original products, we recommend visiting our webshop.

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