Design audit

Design Audit

How to dress a diamond with beautiful packaging design.

KARAAT produces and sells timeless jewellery online and came to us when they needed jewellery boxes and shipping boxes that could both hold their jewellery and reflect their brand.

The jewellery is designed with a focus on modern and timeless design combined with the highest quality workmanship in ethical production.

Our packaging specialists and design team ensured that KARAAT’s vision of a simple and timeless design was translated into an elegant packaging range with a focus on a look that makes an impression.

This vision for the jewellery design is delicately carried over into the packaging design.

Forsendelsesæske med indhold

An expression that makes an impression

When it comes to jewellery packaging, the design and the recipient’s experience is incredibly important. The delicate nature of jewellery requires packaging that both protects the jewellery and expresses the same exclusivity as the jewellery itself.

Because the jewellery box is the first thing the recipient sees, it can play a big part in creating the first impression of the jewellery, and the box must therefore be able to live up to the character of the jewellery. This jewellery box from KARAAT is a great example of how design and materials can be used to reflect the value of the jewellery and the brand’s story.

"Luxury without exception"

Faux leather and gold foil mirror the exclusive jewellery design

KARAAT's collection of timeless designs with durable, high-quality materials has been manifested in the design of their jewellery boxes. The jewellery box is a combination of several parts: an elongated square box with a lid that encases a smaller round jewellery box with a lid.


All created in a subtle light beige that makes the jewellery shine.

KARAAT smykkeæsker
KARAAT æske låg til  garantibevis
KARAAT æske låg til  garantibevis detalje

The bright, round box is covered with imitation suede on both the outside and inside, which gives the box an elegance that matches the high value and quality of the jewellery. This character is made even clearer by the fact that the lid is embossed with the KARAAT logo in gold foil.

The elongated box that holds the round box has a faux suede lining inside and the lid has space for a warranty card. The box itself is made of heavy cardboard and is shaped like the small square box – only bigger.

The bright colours, gold embossing and faux suede give the overall box an exclusive look. At the same time, only clean lines and strong materials reflect the durability that is also found in the jewellery.

All in all, a true match between the jewellery’s story and the packaging materials.

Luxury framed shipping box

In addition to the elegant jewellery box, KARAAT has designed a standard shipping box with a more raw and simple look that makes the contents appear even more exclusive. The shipping packaging is a classic brown cardboard shipping box, but it too has an exclusive look. When the box is opened, the recipient is greeted with KARRAT's cream-coloured universe and a gold-printed logo.

A cardboard insert frames and holds the smaller jewellery box so that the jewellery remains in focus and is well protected during shipping.

The small square jewellery box is made of heavy cardboard with a foam insert covered in imitation suede, just like the other elongated jewellery box in KARRAT's packaging range.


This creates a contrast between the two types of packaging that surprises the recipient.

"Luxury without exception"

This is what KARAAT writes about themselves and their jewellery concept.There's no doubt that KARAAT's luxurious values and ideas shine through in their packaging with the muted colours, suede materials and simple gold embossing.


Nothing is left to chance, and the recipient is left with a strong sense of an accomplished and professional brand, with ethics and functionality at the forefront.

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