Sustainable Design for Björn Borg

19th March 2018|Customer Cases|

Björn Borg is a well known brand. The fashion was inspired by the famous tennis player, who had his heyday in the 1970s and 1980s. The company started by making underwear collections. The fashion design was characterised by its many colours and creativity which was ahead of its time, but soon became a household name. Since then, there have been more collections launched for both men, women and children. The collections are based on sports and workout clothes, with a focus on a riot of colours and patterns. Björn Borg is located in several of Europe’s major cities such as Stockholm, Oslo and Wembley.

Colourful Sustainability

Just as colourful and creative as their collections, equally important is that their design is consistent with environment sustainability. Björn Borg participates in the fight for environmentally friendly products, thereby creating an eco-friendly profile. Furthermore, Björn Borg had clear ideas as to how to design their packaging and gift wrapping. It was important that their brand and logo should be in focus while maintaining the strong colors. In addition, Björn Borg sought a partner with the same values and visions on environmentally friendly solutions. It was important that the supplier could supply packaging that could contribute to Björn Borg’s environmental profile. With its environmental certification, and focus on the environmentally friendly products, Scanlux Packaging was the right partner for Björn Borg.

The two major focus areas and requirements of Björn Borg were design and environment. Scanlux Packaging was in close contact with Björn Borg, as their design office had a major influence on the solution. It required close cooperation to ensure all needs were met.

Stronger Together

The cooperation between Björn Borg and Scanlux Packaging has been evolving. Today, both companies are constantly in touch in regards to inventory and new ideas for design as well as betterment of packaging solutions. The cooperation and development of ideas have so far resulted in the design of the well-known brown cardboard bag with a logo and a colourful handle, available in 3 different sizes. In addition, gift bags are designed in the same brown colour as the paper bags and with tennis court lines printed on the paper.

In the future, cooperation will continue creating new innovative designs, which will contribute to a stronger Björn Borg brand.