Durable Packaging Solution for Eplehuset

15th September 2018|Customer Cases|

Norway’s specialists in Apple products

The Norwegian Eplehuset has specialized in Apple products since 2002. The chain currently consists of 22 stores, as well as a large web store. Eplehuset’s focus is on making Apple products and accessories more accessible to all Norwegians. In addition, the chain is very experienced as Apple specialists. This helps ensure that consumers get the best advice combined with a good customer experience. Eplehuset has established a number of service centers, which are affiliated with an authorized workshop with certified technicians. These service centers are important to Eplehuset as they want to provide the best advice, availability and the good customer experience of Apple products and accessories.

New packaging protects Eplehuset’s products

The collaboration between Eplehuset and Scanlux Packaging started several years ago. During the collaboration, Eplehuset established several service centers that offer customers repair of Apple products. This meant that more products go in and out of the centers without the original packaging, with the result of the products being more exposed when placed in Scanlux bags. Scanlux Packaging has advised the Eplehuset in the choice of materials, the creative design, durability, and the solution.

This has resulted in a non-woven net with extra tensile strength while the paper bags now have cardboard bottoms, which gives the paper bags more carrying capacity. At the same time, the paper bags are more resistant to moisture if the customers leave the bags in buses or the like. In addition, Scanlux Packaging works as a creative partner, as we contribute creative ideas to the Eplehuset’s packaging. As an additional feature, Scanlux has developed a rain cover for the paper bags, making them useful on rainy days.

Scanlux Packaging does not only provide advice and creative suggestions to the Eplehuset, it also handles the packaging logistics. Each store is set up in Scanlux Packaging system so the individual store can order packaging directly through a personal webshop. There is a clear agreement that Scanlux Packaging is in charge of inventory management and ensures delivery of packaging to individual stores when ordering at the webshop.

The good chemistry

Eplehuset appreciates good chemistry and good cooperation. Regular meetings between Eplehuset and Scanlux Packaging and help to maintain the good relationship.