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Here you’ll find a wide selection of office supplies. Among other things, we offer pencils, pens and markers in a wide selection of shapes and colours. Our inventory also includes the classic post-it notes for ideas and reminders, as well as lined and squared paper. Naturally, we also offer plastic sheet protectors and carton paper holders for easy storage and protection. The plastic sheets have holes, which makes them suitable for ring-binders.


Write down your ideas

Tape dispensers

Tape for every purpose

Select office supplies

Envelopes, brochure holders and much, much more…

Envelopes, with or without windows, are a staple of our inventory. You can cut costs by buying 500 envelopes by the bulk.

We also offer a range of brochure holders with stands, that are easy to use, you can put them on your desk right away. The holders are eye catching and are perfect for brochures, folders and so on and so forth. The paper in the holder is easy to change.

Naturally, we’re also a seller of laser cartridges for many of the office printers in the world. Check the individual product for more information. Copy papers in other colours than the standard white is also available. We offer paper clips, utility knives, staplers and scissors, if there’s a need to cut or otherwise resize the papers.


Keep organised with lever arches, file folders and plastic protective sheet

Pads, paper and post-its

Pads and paper for the office and store


Staple your paper

Pens and pencils

Ideal for the busy day in the office

Cut and paste

Glue sticks, tape and adhesives for day-to-day use

Tidy up your work-space

waste bin is an integral part of the office where there’s a lot of printing going on. A dustpan and brush will always be an effective remedy for dirt. We’re also stocking all the essential cleaners for the office, warehouse, the store, furniture and floor.

Save money by buying in bulk, it also has the added benefit of lasting longer. If there are any questions regarding our products or wanting a no-obligation offer, you’re most welcome to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Writing desk accessories

Bin, scissor, tape dispenser, ruler, pencil sharpener, eraser, calculators

A clean and tidy workspace

Keep the store and office clean

All things technical

Laser cartridges, toners and batteries


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