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We have a variety of shipping bag (also called webshop bags and e-commerce bags) variants available. Shipping bags are particularly suitable for shipping clothing and other products that do not require shock protection. The bags are made of a strong plastic with a dark interior, which makes it impossible to see the contents of the bag from the outside. The shipping bags are available in different sizes to suit the products being shipped. 

Each shipping bag has a tape closure, which can be fastened by simply tearing off the attached adhesive strip. The shipping bags are available in black, white and patterned, of which the black shipping bag has a handle and a double closure. This means that these attractively priced shipping bags are also suitable for returns, which helps to protect the environment as they can be recycled. Your customers are sure to appreciate the bags’ double closure, as this makes return shipping easier for them.

In addition, our range includes eco-labeled white bubble envelopes as well as foil webshop bags. The thick foil e-commerce bags also have tape closures, while the shiny material demands attention and awakens the recipient’s curiosity.

Our wholesale shipping bags are always in stock, so can be ordered today. We make sure to have them dispatched by the following business day.