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We sell wholesale cardboard boxes for packaging and shipping. Cardboard boxes protect your parcels during transportation and are available in all sizes. We have everything from very small postal boxes to larger cardboard boxes, which are particularly suitable for large products.

Our cardboard boxes vary in thickness from 3 – 4 mm, but all of them are suitable for shipping. You can therefore choose the boxes and sizes that suit your store’s and webshop’s needs. With our boxes, your parcels can be shipped safely without being dented or damaged during transport.

We always recommend filling the box with air pillows, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard or polystyrene foam filling, as this helps to ensure that your goods arrive undamaged. You can find these products in the categories Tools and Packaging.

In addition, we have cardboard boxes specially designed for the shipment of wine bottles, as well as postal boxes. The postal boxes are available in the classic brown colour, while some also have a white interior, which provides an impression of elegance when the customer opens the box and adds to their shopping experience.