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We carry a wide range of gift boxes, including some suited for your more challenging products, such as footballs, beer or wrapped chocolates. The large selection means that you can choose the box that best suits your company style and your products. The boxes can be used for most types of products and the assortment on the webshop is available in a wide range of sizes. We have a selection of exclusive gift boxes that are available with or without lids, as well as with different closing mechanisms such as magnetic or flip top lids.

Gift boxes can be used all year round and for any occasion, as the fixed shapes means that your customers can always rest assured that their gift is beautifully packaged, whether it’s a present for a birthday or a wedding. They are available in a wide variety of colours, and can be anything from black, which gives off a masculine look for men, to more feminine pastel-coloured boxes featuring leaf patterns. The boxes are made of either strong, non-corrugated or corrugated cardboard, which both protect and present your products perfectly. The advantages of using gift boxes lie in both their convenience and the fact that they provide maximum protection for your products.

Buy them wholesale at our webshop today, and we’ll make sure to have them dispatched by the next business day.