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We sell wholesale gift bags for every holiday, occasion and event on our webshop. This makes it possible for you to choose the solution that best suits your needs, whether for wedding, birthday or Christmas gifts. We have classic and timeless gift bags in brown or glossy black paper.

Furthermore, we carry modern gift bags with a variety of prints that can be used for Christmas, Easter and other occasions. Depending on the type of gift bag you order, silk or grosgrain ribbons may also be included.

The gift bags are also available in various sizes, which means you can choose the gift bags best suited to the sizes of your products. In addition, we also offer gift bags made of different materials, including cellophane bags, foil bags, paper bags and organza bags. The different types of bag have varying types of closure, such as self-adhesive closures, glue closures and ribbon closures.

These convenient, go-to products make gift wrapping a simpler and quicker task to carry out, which is especially preferred during peak, busy hours.

Our gift bags are in stock, so you can buy them at our webshop today and we’ll have them dispatched by the next business day.