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Our fixed, wholesale range of plastic carrier bags contains a wide selection of LDPE and HDPE bags, also known as plastic bags, for your store.

Our warehouse has plastic bags in sizes that range from small, block bottom bags to very large carrier bags. The different sizes and thickness levels mean that you can offer your customers a durable plastic bag with a handle that is the right fit for your products, whether these are clothes or heavy books.

We have small, classic plastic bags in black and white, as well as the popular and stylish transparent plastic bags. We also have spectacularly colourful and striped plastic bags in stock.

Our plastic bags are sold at very competitive prices and with very short delivery times. In the event of unforeseen busy periods in your store, resulting in an urgent need to replenish your bag supply, we have you covered.

We dispatch orders on all weekdays. Order your plastic bags at our webshop today, and we’ll make sure to have them shipped by the next business day.