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Our webshop carries a wide standard range of paper bags in a variety of sizes, colours and prints at low unit prices. You’ll also find both large and small brown paper bags for all kinds of purposes within our selection.

We always have black, white and grey paper bags in stock. If you are looking for patterned bags, we always have a selection of these at our warehouse too. All of our paper bags are fitted with one of two types of handle — either twisted or flat for a better grip on the bag.

Our bags are available in different sizes; we have everything from the dimensions 18 x 8 x 22 cm up to 45 x 17 x 47 cm. Our large variety of sizes ensures that you can find the bags to suit your business and your products.

Each of our bags has a flat, square base that makes the bags stable and spacious as well as a sturdy handle, preferably made of twisted paper, for better comfort and durability. Our paper bags are both trendy and smart, whilst also being environmentally friendly.