Tape for packing parcels

Eventhough tape has existed for almost a hundred years, it’s still one of the most crucial aspects of packaging, whether it’s small parcels or large cardboard boxes for shipping. Our tape is made of cellulose, known for its adhesive and easy to roll properties. Cellulose is biodegradable which is good for the environment. In our inventory there’s cellulose in different sizes – one with a small hole for our table dispenser, and one with a large hole made for our handheld dispenser.

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Cellulose tape

Tape dispensers makes packing more efficient

A tape dispenser is ordinarily seen in warehouses, but it’s also an obvious choice for small parcels. Examples could be wrapping paper or gift boxes. The dispenser are compatible with tape with a small hole, and is heavy enough to ensure it doesn’t slide over the table. A handheld dispenser is indispensable (pun not intended) for the busy day with a lot of packing. The dispenser does most of the work and no more than a light tap with hand to release the tape is required. All our tape rolls are compatible with our dispenser.


Efficient and easy to use

Before you start

Tape is only part of the equation when it comes to shipment and parcels. With us, you’ll find a wide range of packaging for shipping. Corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap are obvious choice for filling out packages intended for shipment. This enhances the protection of the products during transport to your customers.

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