A good shipping experience

Nothing can ruin the customer’s purchasing experience like unsuccessful shipping. Luckily, we have all you need to ensure your products arrive safely, including boxes, shipping bags, packing tape, bubble wrap and envelopes.
We have a solution for any need – both cost-effective and sustainable solutions. And we can design a unique packaging solution, which you can use to strengthen your brand.

Optimal protection of your products

Our shipping packaging is designed to protect your products optimally during transport and shipping. For particularly sensitive products can benefit from using corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap or box stuffing to protect the products against shock, impact and scratches. All our shipping bags are provided with a smart self-closing closing mechanism that makes it easy for you and your employees to handle and use the bags. Cardboard boxes should be sealed and sealed using packing tape. You can use our ergonomic tape dispenser for easy use and attach the tape around the shipping container.

Boxes with your logo print

Standard cardboard boxes

Shipping package with name and logo print

We can manufacture shipping packages in many different sizes, shapes and colours according to your instructions, and we can also produce cardboard and cardboard boxes with a logo to mark your business or webshop to your customers.

If you would like unique and personalized shipping packages that match your products, feel free to contact us for a non-binding chat about how we can help you. You can also obtain a non-binding offer here.

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