Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery

August 2017

The Order

Scanlux will not be held liable for failing to complete an order due to a force majeure event, such as a strike, lockout, material shortage or similar circumstances beyond Scanlux’s control.

A written or online order confirmation is considered binding and the points detailed in this are part of the purchase.



The confirmed price may still change, subject to increases in the price of raw materials, exchange rates, expenses, etc. If the confirmed payment terms are not kept to, interest of 2% per month will be added. All prices are given exclusive of VAT, printing plates and DTP/repro work.


Environment Fee

An environment fee of 2,85% of the invoice amount is added, up to a maximum of EUR 52.00 per invoice.



Scanlux reserves the right to reasonable tolerances with regard to the sizing, fit and placement of the print, shades of colour, material thickness and quantity. Width and length +/- 10 mm, print placement +/- 10 mm, material thickness +/- 10%, quantity +/- 15%.


However, the following tolerances apply to plastic and paper bags:

Batches of less than 30,000 bags +/- 20% (this may be exceeded on four-colour photographic prints)

Batches of more than 30,000 bags   +/- 15%

Batches of more than 100,000 bags +/- 10%


Slight variations in shades of colour can occur – these are not considered grounds for a faulty goods claim. This also applies in cases where a colour sample has been received.


Scanlux is not obliged to provide replacements or compensation in cases of colour transfer or fading. Please note that colour transfer can occur with printed bags.


Scanlux adds its own logo to the bottom or the side fold if no alternative arrangement has been agreed.



The product remains the property of Scanlux until the full purchase price has been paid.

Printing plates produced at the customer’s expense can be given to the customer on request – related delivery costs are to be covered by the customer.

Printing plates produced at Scanlux’s expense due to replacements, etc., remain the property of Scanlux.

Printing plates are stored at Scanlux and destroyed after three years unless an alternative arrangement is agreed in writing.

Printing cylinders are produced at the customer’s expense but remain the property of Scanlux and will not be given to the customer. Printing cylinders are stored at Scanlux and ‘cleaned’ (destroyed) after two years.


Faulty Goods Claims

Claims of faulty goods should be submitted in writing and received by Scanlux eight days after receipt of the goods at the latest. Returned goods are only accepted by agreement. In cases where there are errors in the delivered products, Scanlux is obliged only to exchange them for new products. If the wrong product is delivered and must be exchanged at Scanlux’s expense, the product delivered in error may be used in the meantime. Use of this product will be invoiced with a 25% discount (excl. any expenses).


Consequential Loss

Scanlux cannot be held liable for any loss of production, operational losses or loss of revenue, unless this is agreed in writing in a special contract.



The order can be cancelled at any time. When cancelling, the customer is liable for all costs incurred by Scanlux in connection with the order, including raw materials, purchase of printing plates, production costs, repro time, delivery costs, etc.



Delays with respect to the confirmed delivery time do not entitle the customer to compensation or modifications to the price. The order can only be cancelled with delay as the reason, in accordance with the above cancellation terms.