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Once upon a time, velour was associated with royal robes and pompous wallpaper. In recent years, velour has become increasingly popular for clothes and shoes as well as interiors. The beautiful fabric signals exclusivity and luxury to your customers.

grey velour gift bag
3 blue velour gift bags

The gift bag your customers will keep

Regular gift bags typically have a tape strip as a closure. Due to the velour material, a tape strip cannot hold the bag closed, and instead has a hole for a ribbon. An advantage to the ribbon is that it complements the upmarket look, especially when you choose a quality ribbon in silk or grosgrain. You can also reuse the bag due to the lack of a tape strip. This gives you the opportunity to pass the unique experience on to another lucky recipient.

The gift bag for both large and small

The velour bag comes in four sizes in four different colours. The smallest velour bag is black, and the thought behind it is that it can be used for jewellery shops, for example, who want to use it for fine jewellery. The largest bag is royal blue and large enough to carry clothing, making it ideal for clothing stores. This way, the different colours and sizes have been thought into a larger context regarding their purpose, but they can of course be used in many other ways.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner

For Valentine’s Dag, weddings or other romantic occasions, the red velour bag makes for the ideal choice. Combine it with a luxury ribbon in romantic colours and let your customers go home to their loved ones with thoughts of butterflies and Cupid’s arrows.

Grab attention with velour

Grab attention with a velour gift bag and elevate your packaging to new heights. This way, you can elevate the perception your customers have of your store and your brand. This is a way to show that you live up to high standards when it comes to quality and have a focus on luxury.

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velour ribbons

Soft ribbons in velour

You receive a birthday present. The wrapping paper is pretty, but the ribbon is different. The bow is beautifully tied, and you take a closer look. It’s VELOUR! The soft velour wraps beautifully around the gift and simply stands out. Would you also like to treat your customers to chic, velour ribbon?

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