Why do we give each other gifts, and why do we wrap gifts?

14th June 2021|Holiday Season, Trends|

There’s nothing better than giving a gift to someone you love, apart from perhaps receiving a gift from that person. The world is full of countless gift-givers and receivers, delighting each other daily with presents. Gift-giving is especially widespread on special occasions and holidays, such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, confirmations, Valentine’s Day and other important life events. But the best gift is often the “just because” gift, given without any particular reason, which only makes it all the more surprising.

But what is it that makes a gift unique? How do you heighten the recipient’s sense of expectation? Can you make gift-giving a holistic experience in itself, one that already begins before the package is opened? And: Why do we give gifts to each other in the first place?

It’s precisely these questions we want to shed light on in this article. There is great brand value in making gift-giving into an experience, and perhaps this can inspire you in your choice of both packaging and packaging supplier.

Why do we give each other gifts?

Let’s start from the very beginning – and we mean way back in history, literally. In fact, according to Professor of Religious Studies at Aarhus University, Anders Klostergaard Petersen, we’re going all the way back 3.5 million years ago, when our ancestors first began exchanging gifts, e.g. in connection with atonement, acknowledgement of guilt, desire for forgiveness, or sacrifice.

In his view, the gift has always been a completely central part of human communities and has a clear function. The gift is a fundamental phenomenon that can establish, maintain and preserve connections to – and between – people.

In more recent times, gift giving has largely been interpreted as a kind gesture performed to please others. In other words, the good old relationship between a gift-giver who says “here you go”, and a gift-receiver who replies with a “thank you”.

But behind the “here you go/thank you” relationship lie a number of possible motives that justify the act of gift-giving itself. Let’s look at these a little more closely.

5 typical reasons why we give each other gifts

As a business owner, it makes sense to have a basic insight into why your customers choose to buy and give gifts. This knowledge can assist you in targeting your marketing – not least through your packaging and wrapping choices.

Here are five examples of typical reasons for gift-giving.

#1 There’s always a reason – according to tradition…

The first reason is quite simple: We give each other gifts because it’s an age-old tradition. Gift-giving is linked to major and significant events throughout our lives. As mentioned earlier, there are a multitude of occasions that call for gift-giving – from big anniversaries and milestones reached, to a stand-alone dinner party, where it’s seen as good form to bring a gift for the host/hostess.

Even if it’s a small box of chocolates o