Total Supplier of Packaging for CrossEyes

19th March 2018|Customer Cases|

A Wide Selection of Glasses

CrossEyes is a Danish spectacle chain founded in 2010. At CrossEyes, the customers are in focus, and CrossEyes strives to give them an experience beyond the usual. This is achieved by focusing on the individual customer and their specific needs, as well as ensuring that everything is included in the price which means the customer is not surprised by any hidden fees.

CrossEyes today has a wide selection of spectacles. This is evidenced by the various collections with standard products, an exclusive selection from their limited edition collection, and most recently a Nordic-inspired collection.

Total Supplier

CrossEyes sought a more simple logistics solution, as they previously ordered packaging from different suppliers. CrossEyes experienced differing delivery times for their packaging due to its different suppliers. This experience meant that CrossEyes sought a faster, more unified solution from one single supplier. Scanlux Packaging could provide the sought-after solution. Scanlux Packaging was able to deliver a logistics solution that combined all the packaging needs, thus becoming the total supplier of CrossEyes.


 Scanlux has been an excellent partner, the product and service match our needs and the execution works perfectly for our setup.”

– Ellen Kviesgaard Eriksen, CrossEyes

The graphics department in both CrossEyes and Scanlux Packaging collaborated to produce the most optimal design for a spectacle case. It was ro be designed in two different sizes, with matching cloth and cleaning spray. In addition, CrossEyes had need for candy wrapper, as well as an elegant black paper bag to carry the spectacles in. The CrossEyes logo was featured on the various packaging solutions.

The Private Login

Scanlux Packaging is now the total supplier of packaging to CrossEyes. CrossEyes has its own private login on Scanlux Packaging’s website. When using this login, all the packaging items are available. At the same time, every CrossEyes store has the option to order packaging to suit the individual store. CrossEyes saves time by having one packaging supplier instead of multiple.

Future cooperation

CrossEyes believes the packaging from Scanlux Packaging matches its needs as well as being beautiful. In addition, CrossEyes is extremely pleased with the fast delivery time achieved. The future cooperation between CrossEyes and Scanlux Packaging looks bright. Success in cooperation is highly dependent on proper communication, something this collaboration bears the hallmark of.