The Fight for the Environment Using Eco-Friendly Packaging with ACNE Studios

14th August 2018|Customer Cases|

ACNE Studios is a fashion brand that uses inspiration from the art-world, with an emphasis on creativity. The fashion house is headquartered in Stockholm, with stores established in cities around the globe. It’s a well known brand that sells clothes for men, women, and children. Acne Studios is a recognizable brand that makes its mark through trendsetters using their high-end fashion. It’s important for the company, that the production of its clothes minimize the environmental impact. As a company, they are in the fight for sustainability and eco-friendly solutions. Design and quality are of great importance for Acne Studios. These aspects are crucial for the whole process – from the design of the collections, to its packaging solution.

Design, Design, and Design

Acne Studios wants a high standard, with specific expectations for its packaging. It is important for the fashion house that its bags and gift wraps are recognizable to their customers. This helps strengthening the brand and level of awareness on the market. The design of the packaging is most important, but at the same time there’s no desire to compromise on the quality. The problem for Acne Studios was finding the packaging solution, which could combine its ambitions in design and environment. The fashion house had specific requirements for its packaging. This resulted in the brand logo having a 3D effect on the bags. Acne Studios uses Japanese custom-made paper, which Scanlux Packaging dyes. In addition, Acne Studios has patented the pantone colour used on the bags to distinguish the brand from its competitors. These specific requirements are important in relation to cooperation with a supplier of packaging.

The Perfect Sparring Partner

Scanlux Packaging suggested a solution to the challenges posed. By acting as a sparring partner, the two companies came up with a complete and effective solution. In this solution, there was still room for creativity and focus on design, as these things are paramount for Acne Studios in terms of their packaging and business. This has resulted in packaging with emphasis on quality and design, but in environmentally friendly and sustainable materials for the fashion brand.

The Full Package

After several meetings with Scanlux Packaging’s Swedish salesman, a cooperation agreement was signed. Throughout the process, Scanlux Packaging works as a good sparring partner, which has made Acne Studios’ visions and ideas become reality.

Today, Scanlux Packaging is the supplier of Acne Studios packaging. Currently, Scanlux Packaging works to plan and innovate the fashion house’s shipping packaging for online sales through their webshop.