Stormberg’s Packaging Embraces the Environment

24th August 2018|Customer Cases|

Stormberg, the functional textile company

Stormberg opened their first store in Norway in February 1998 and currently has 18 stores in Norway and Sweden. Stormberg sells sportswear for the whole family and wants to make it more accessible and affordable for families to get functional clothing at family-friendly prices. Although the chain sells functional clothing at low prices, it doesn’t cut corners to do so, becoming the first sports and textile company in Norway to become a member of Ethical Trade (IEH) in 2002.

Outsourcing of packaging management

Before working together with Scanlux Packaging, Stormberg managed their own production of bags. In a meeting with Scanlux Packaging, we introduced the opportunity to outsource packaging production with the added benefit of cutting costs. As a result, Scanlux Packaging currently manages for production of non-woven bags and handles the logistics of the packaging to deliver directly to Stormberg’s warehouse.

Stormberg is caring of the environment, and the development of packaging is with an eco-friendly approach. Here at Scanlux Packaging, we appreciate Stormberg’s interest in eco-friendly packaging, and environmental packaging advice constitutes a major part of our collaboration. At Scanlux Packaging, we strive to give Stormberg the best advice in choosing its packaging, ultimately getting the packaging solution that suits its needs. We continuously develop physical products making the choice of the packaging that’s right for Stormberg easier.

A good relationship

Stormberg appreciates a good relationship with professional advice in Scanlux Packaging’s area of expertise. Future cooperation with Stormberg will continue to build upon the already good relationship.