Packing and Equipment

Packing and Equipment


Packing and equipment for your store

We carry a wide range og packing and associated equipment at Scanlux Packaging. This includes everything from racks to corrugated cardboard. Explore the many products that are crucial for day-to-day tasks. We’re passionate about all things packaging at Scanlux Hos Scanlux Packaging, be it decorative or protective. Read more about our competencies.

packing and equipment

Racks and holders for day-to-day use

One material alone won’t do, if it’s efficiency you’re striving for in everyday packaging. Dedicated wrapping paper racks and holders mounted on the wall and the table makes it easy to work with wrapping paper and cellophane. our ordinary rack for gift paper is easy to mount on the wall and is available in two different widths (15.7 and 23.6 inches), each compatible with the majority of our wrapping paper lineup. Please not, that stands and wall brackets are ordered seperately.  There’s also a double rack if your store often wraps gifts in different sizes. This makes the change of wrapping paper size more efficient. The rac