Quality-safe and environmentally-friendly paper bags and gift boxes for Oleana

At Scanlux Packaging, we are proud to have Oleana in our customer portfolio. Oleana is a Norwegian retail chain and a world-renowned fashion and textile brand that produces knitwear in Nordic quality. It is a locally-based family business with an international outlook, which since its establishment back in 1992 has expanded tremendously with stores in Europe, Asia and the USA.

In addition to an extremely quality-conscious company, with a focus on luxurious materials and exclusive design, Oleana is also an ethically conscious and environmentally-friendly brand. All products are produced locally in the Norwegian city of Ytre Arna, and consist of natural and sustainable materials. This is based on a steeled vision of eradicating the textile industry’s unethical working and production conditions, as well as environmental pollution.

A traditional family company with environmentally friendly development on the agenda

As a traditional family business, Oleana was established by co-founders Signe Aarhus, Hildegunn Mønster and Kolbjørn Valestrand in 1992. The original goal was to create new jobs in the Norwegian textile industry, in order to break with the unhealthy tendency of moving textile production to developing countries with cheap and poorly paid labour.

Oleana describes in her own words their vision in the following way:

“Norway has a long and rich tradition of producing textiles and patterned wool knitting. It is important for us to keep production in Norway, to preserve traditions and know-how. We remain committed to delivering products over which we have full control, from the origin of the material and all the way through the production process.

All over the world, people are becoming more aware of what they are buying. We can no longer accept the humiliating working conditions of many women and children in order to produce cheap textile products.”

In short: A business model with an eye for ethical and environmentally-friendly development.