Psychology Behind Gift Wrapping

12th November 2018|Retail Experience|

Why do we wrap gifts?

An interesting psychological study was conducted by Dr. Howard in 1992 to test whether gift wrapping influences recipients to have a more favorable attitude towards the gift item.

The result was “YES”, proving that gift wrapping does influence recipients. Recipients of wrapped gifts rated their gifts more favorably, and nicely wrapped gifts were favored over unwrapped gifts.

The anticipation of opening a fancy box tied up with beautiful ribbon makes the experience more festive for anybody who receives a gift. Peeling off the tape and ripping the beautiful wrapping paper makes the gift-receiving experience more special and exciting. If a gift is not wrapped and the recipient can immediately see the gift inside the plastic bag, the fun part of opening a gift is lost.

Indeed, Dr. Howard’s psychological test proved that gift wrapping is one of the most important aspects of the gift-giving experience.

What about shopping bags or gift bags? Does receiving a gift in a gift bag with a printed brand logo have any psychological impact on the recipient?

Let’s say that you’re planning to buy a birthday gift for your wife or mother. You go to the local department store that you are familiar with and wander around inside the building for a while, thinking of what to buy for your loved one. Then, finally, you decide to buy a perfume or lipstick from a luxurious French brand such as CHANEL or Christian Dior. Even though this is slightly beyond your budget, you’re 100% certain that your wife or mother will be excited to receive a little gift bag bearing the CHANEL or Christian Dior logo. So you go to the payment counter and wait for your gift to be wrapped by a shop clerk. However, the shop clerk gives back your “CHANEL No. 5” in an ordinary department store paper bag and says: “Sorry, we’re running out of gift bags from the CHANEL boutique. This is the only gift bag we have at the moment.” Then you will instantly know that your gift will not have the same impact as you had expected, even though the item is the same.

Luxury gift wrapping and carrier bags with your own brand logos will always add more brand value to your products. For most of the exclusive luxury brands, package design and logo design are part of branding. Perfect gift wrapping and logo-printed carrier bags are one of the most important marketing tools if you want to provide a great shopping experience and gift-giving experience for your customers.