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Product Catalogue

All the packaging you’ll ever need in your store

Our catalogue of wrapping and packaging products has everything to suit your store’s needs.

The catalogue includes several new products, such as pearlescent and gemstone tissue paper, for an exclusive look.

In the catalogue you’ll find, amongst other things:

  • Carrier bags
  • Gift bags
  • Gift boxes
  • Tissue paper
  • Shipment packaging
  • Ribbons
  • Tags and labels
  • Store supplies

Carrier bags

A carrier bag’s durability and utility are both important features. This is due to the different kinds of products a carrier bag needs to carry. We have a wide range of paper and plastic bags, available in many different colours, shapes and sizes

Gift bags

Gift bags can be used for all occasions. Our gift bags are made from durable materials, which protect your gift. You will be able to find the right gift bag for your specific needs, as we have a wide selection of gift bags made from paper, cellophane, foil, and organza.

Gift boxes

We offer a wide selection of gift boxes in various sizes, shapes and colours. Our gift boxes are made from strong cardboard, which will ensure the protection of your products.

Tissue paper

Tissue paper can be used for the wrapping of jewellery and accessories, bouquets of flowers or as a filling in shoe boxes. There are many ways to use tissue paper, which help to make the gift even more exciting when it’s opened.

Products for shipment:

Ship your products safely in high quality packaging. There is a wide range of shipment packaging, which amongst other things includes shipping bags, cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard and tape.


We have a wide range of ribbons in various sizes, materials and colours. The many different colours and materials will ensure the creation of a unique look for your giftwrapping.

Tags and labels

You can leave your final stamp on the gift wrap with tags and labels. This will make your customers able to write a little greeting to the person receiving the gift. Tags can also help hold your tissue paper together.

Store supplies

We have a wide range of store supplies. They cover everything from ribbon shredder tools, rolls of cellophane and credit card rolls.

Get everything you need on our webshop

All of the products in our catalogues can be ordered directly from our webshop and will be shipped within 1-2 working days.

Free shipping for purchases of a minimum of 400£.

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