Analysis of your packaging – is your packaging performing?

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Performance analysis of your packaging

    100% non-binding   Input for your packaging strategy   Review with a specialist

How climate friendly is your packaging really? What kind of experience do you give consumers? Get a free and 100% non-binding analysis of your packaging compiled by some of Europe’s most competent packaging specialists.

What is included in the packaging analysis?

In the analysis, we will first and foremost identify possibilities and focus areas so that we can have a constructive conversation about where you should focus your efforts, time, and resources in order to optimise your packaging in the best possible way.

Overall, we will discuss:

  1. Economy
  2. Design and consumer experience
  3. Sustainability

We usually go into 1 or 2 areas in-depth, depending on your wishes and needs.

You will receive a finished, thorough, and manageable report organized in terms of priority.

Examples of possible content
  Price and quality of your packaging
  Expert test of how consumers experience your packaging
  Functional qualities
  Design and graphics of your packaging
  Sustainability and CO2
  Unboxing value

Peter Mosgaard, Scanlux Packaging