Packaging Design for E-commerce

13th November 2018|E-commerce|

Why Is a Branded Packaging Experience so Important for E-commerce?

Compared to physical retailers, online stores have fewer touch points to impress their customers. The first physical contact between customer and online store normally takes place when the package is delivered to the customer. If the quality of the packaging is relatively poor, or the packaging design is boring, the first impression made by the online store will not be so positive. On the other hand, if the unboxing experience is unique and exciting for the customer, there will be much greater satisfaction with the online purchase. Providing good packaging design is actually a great opportunity for any online store to make a favorable impression and strengthen its brand identity. Indeed, e-commerce packaging plays an important role in brand identity.


In the retail industry, great packaging is always effective, especially for the luxury brands. Creative signature packaging design and shopping bags with brand logos add more brand value to the products. One of the first online stores to adopt this retail marketing method for online shopping is, in fact, the London-based fashion portal NET-A-PORTER. Their signature black giftbox with luxurious silky ribbon has made this exclusive fashion portal one of the most successful online fashion boutiques in the world. People who receive packages from NET-A-PORTER often share photos on social media to show how excited they are to open beautifully wrapped boxes. NET-A-PORTER stands out among millions of online stores in the world by creating an unforgettable customer journey with great packaging design.


So if you’re running an online store, don’t rush to pack your product in a boring cardboard shipping box with plastic bubble wrap. E-commerce packaging is one of the key ways to increase your frequent customers.


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