Online shopping: Branded packaging increases sales

23rd March 2020|E-commerce, Retail Experience|

Online shopping reached an astronomical 27 trillion USD in 2020. This is according to data research company eMarketer’s recent study of the global market.

This is a staggeringly high number that clearly highlights how popular it has become to shop online. This thriving online shopping market has a bearing on how companies should think about and organize their customers’ buying experience. The customer does not have the opportunity to touch and test the product as they do in a physical shop. Instead, the customer’s first physical encounter with the product is through the packaging in which the item is delivered.

In other words, packaging plays an important role in the customer’s overall product and brand experience. This is precisely why it is vital that you, as a company, try to develop packaging that stands out positively. At least if you want to win customers’ attention as well as their wallet (or rather, their credit card).

Continue reading to discover three ways in which branded packaging can create promotional value for your business.

# 1 Aesthetically pleasing packaging can boost the value of the product

Consider the following scenario: A customer is shopping online and has the choice between two almost identical products at the same price. One product is presented in uninspiring standard packaging, while the other product is presented in colourful printed packaging with a logo. Which of the two do you think the customer chooses to add to their basket?

Yes, most likely the product with the attractive packaging. Welcoming packaging is eye-catching, attracts attention, and can ultimately motivate the customer to buy the product. A tendency which, supported by a study by Shorr Packaging Corp., suggests the following:

  • 42% of customers notice if you do something special with your packaging.
  • 51% of customers feel that the product they receive is of greater value if the packaging is decorated with a special print or has been specially adapted to the product.
  • As many as 61% of online shopping customers who spend over 200 USD a month share this view
  • 7 out of 10 online shopping customers prefer custom designs rather than regular boxes, as it makes the unpacking experience more enjoyable.

In short, tailor-made and aesthetically pleasing packaging can boost the value of the product and affect the customer’s brand perception.

# 2 Inspirational wrapping creates positive word of mouth

Good experiences give rise to good publicity. That’s all that needs to be said.

If your customers are happy with your products and services, they will also be more likely to tell others about the great online shopping experiences your business has given them. Let’s turn this into some concrete numbers:

  • 43% of customers who spend over 200 USD per month online showed the packaging to their friends and acquaintances if it was well thought out and attractive.
  • More than 33% of customers who spend less than 100 USD per month online shared their experiences with acquaintances.

Further, the desire to share good experiences certainly doesn’t diminish when it comes to online shoppers’ use of social media. As many as 37% of those who spend the most online per month share photos of product packaging.