New! Sell gift packaging in your store

11th September 2020|Campaign, Retail Experience|

Remind your customers to purchase gift packaging in your store

Now you can offer your customers the option of purchasing their gift wrap and gift bags when they shop at your store. This is an easy and quick solution for your customers, and they only need to shop in one place.

You can put together packages with multiple rolls of gift wrap paper, or use different types of gift bags. You can choose gift wrap from our existing range, or you can create your own design. Remember ribbons and tags too, so your customers can design their own gift packaging.

Assemble your very own range of gift bags, gift wrap, ribbons, tags, tissue paper and exclusive paper bags for resale in your store.

Benefits for both you and your customers:

Store Customer
  • Opportunity for additional sales
  • Popular and eye-catching product
  • Assemble a range to suit your store
  • Opportunity to purchase gift wrapping in Scandinavian design
  • Quick and easy solution – no need to purchase gift wrapping elsewhere

See our gift wrap and gift bag solutions below.

Gift bags

The gift bag is a simple way to provide your customer with beautiful gift packaging. You can put together a selection of gift bags in different sizes and designs for resale in your store. Our gift bags vary in terms of type and materials.

Choose quantity, size, and type of gift bag, for example:

  • Matte paper
  • Gloss paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Gift bags with a ribbon hole
  • Gift bags with a self-adhesive closure

All gift bags are packaged in cellophane with euro holes for display.