News for Christmas 2019 – a Sustainable Christmas

1st October 2019|Catalogues, Trends|

This year’s new selection of Christmas wrapping paper has sustainability as its focal point. Consumers have become aware and are demanding sustainable alternatives, which is why we at Scanlux Packaging, have put the environment at the forefront.

It is a part of your customers’ shopping experience that not only the products are sustainable, but the packaging as well, when they do their shopping at your shop. This makes the shopping experience complete. That is why we are always working on continuously expanding our range of sustainable packaging. This year, more than 50% of our wrapping paper is FSC®-certified. This serves as your guarantee of responsible forestry.

FSC®-certified paper is clearly marked in our webshop. The new collection of wrapping paper represents two trends. The first is minimalist sophistication that exudes luxury in a classic Christmas style. The other is glitter and patterns, which conveys another, less traditional mood.

The natural wrapping paper

Natural paper, also called recycled paper, is also a part of our new collection. It has a rustic surface, made of a thick material. This makes it suitable for packaging products with sharp edges.

A natural look matches with the natural paper we have combined with a forest green colour as well as one of the classic brown paper.

The dark green forest colour is trendy this year and comes in several designs. It is reminiscent of the beautiful dark colour of a Christmas tree and matches perfectly with metallic colours, especially bronze. The design is one of our most popular products and a must for those who want to give their presents a natural expression with a dash of sparkle.

The classic Christmas

If you are into the classic Christmas packaging, the red colour scheme is a must. This Christmas paper, with red and gold hearts, stars, and Christmas trees is perfect for facilitating the Christmas spirit.

Gold can also be seen on this white Christmas paper in the form of small snowflakes visible on both sides.

These new designs are simple and easy to decorate with ribbons and hangtags that suits your business or webshop.

The Blue Christmas

We have all tried looking at the dark blue night sky, lit with stars and the moon. Christmas is the most special time of the year. Looking out on the night sky in a room with lit candles and beautifully wrapped presents under the tree, defines true Christmas coziness. Our melancholic blue Christmas paper epitomises the Nordic winter nights and help create a true Christmas mood.

By giving gifts, you create an experience. The consumers value this experience. That is why it is so important that shops and webshops are able to offer giftwrapping following the trends. We have a whole page dedicated to Christmas packaging 2019 here.

A digital copy of our catalogue has been uploaded. See the Christmas packaging 2019 catalogue below or click here.