New report: How we in the Nordic region can overcome barriers to better utilisation of plastic

29th August 2018|Analysis|

Plastic waste from consumers is a valuable yet currently underutilised resource.

In a new report by the Nordic Council of Ministers called Plastic Waste Markets: Overcoming barriers to better resource utilisation, they highlight that a large part of this plastic waste comes from households, but it also comes from other sectors such as agriculture, construction and the auto industry.

In the Nordic region, a lot of plastic waste gets mixed with general waste and incinerated, while the plastic that is collected separately is often difficult to recycle into high-quality plastic.

The report by the Nordic Council of Ministers focuses on the fact that there are a series of barriers that reduce the development of plastic recycling. Some of these barriers are technical, legislative and logistical barriers, which to an extent all overlap, while, at the same time, a link can be found between them. The purpose of the report is to highlight the above-mentioned barriers and to suggest possible initiatives to overcome these barriers and strengthen the market.

The report contains inspirational case studies and statements from various players in the value chain about their opinions on the recycling of plastic waste. All of the results can be read in the report, which is built up around the barriers stated. It also shows the methods used and provides an analysis of potential initiatives.

Read the full report here: