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Have a Chat With Peter

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Let’s grab a cup of coffee

Want us to improve your customers’ experience?

  • Do you feel packaging has become too complex with too many technical terms?
  • Do you want to create amazing an experience for your customers with your packaging?
  • Want help with warehousing/logistics and a simple interface for ordering?

If so, book a meeting with me!

My passion is making packaging easy for retail chains and just make it work.

And, I’ll be happy to do it over a cup of coffee with no-obligation.

Want can I do for you? 

I work as a packaging specialist for several major retail companies. I consult marketing directors, executives and sales directors in how to maximise their packaging solutions.

My areas of expertise and consulting include:

  • Give input as to how packaging can help the marketing strategy
  • Make the currently used packaging more environmentally friendly
  • Give first hand experience in packaging innovation
  • Give input in making packaging more eye catching.

I’m confident, I’ll be able to help with your exact challenge.

Send me an e-mail ([email protected]), or give me a call (+45 48 24 29 00) or use our contact form on this page.

Kindest regards

Peter Mosgaard Sales Manager DEnmark

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Contact  us

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