Exclusive and Sustainable Bags for HOPE

14th August 2018|Customer Cases|

HOPE is one of Sweden’s leading fashion chains and has rocked the world of fashion and consumers alike. While its stores are mainly situated in Sweden, there’s also a single store in Denmark as well as the Netherlands and Norway. HOPE’s focus is on a timeless design with attention to detail. They design clothes for both men and women, but doesn’t distinguish gender in their collections. The company wants people exploring the collection regardless of genders.

The environment and sustainability are integral parts of the Swedish company’s concept, which also forms the business foundation. This can for example be seen in HOPE’s reuse of old textiles in new collections. In addition, the production takes place in Europe in order to minimise the strain on environment due to the shorter logistics.

The Eco-Friendly Design

HOPE sought a packaging supplier, that could translate the vision of sustainability into an eco-friendly solution. One of HOPE’s target groups are mothers pushing prams with small children. Therefore, the company sought a practical packaging solution that matched the aesthetic vision. HOPE wanted stylish and practical bags with the same expression as their collections. Another important factor for choosing a supplier, was the emphasis on the production in Europe with a focus on the environment.

The Exclusive Supplier

HOPE contacted Scanlux Packaging because they had heard the Danish packaging supplier was good at producing exclusive and eco-friendly packaging solutions. This was ideal for HOPE because they sought packaging of high quality, such as paper bags with textile handles. In the meetings with Scanlux, HOPE emphasised on the price matching the design and quality.

Scanlux Packaging presented a solution that combines design, quality, price, and eco-friendly packaging, which was the start of the business relations.

A Good Cooperation

Through cooperation and dialogue an optimal solution was found. The continuous contact and sparring with Scanlux Packaging, has enabled HOPE to always be up to date when it comes to their inventory. The Swedish fashion brand wishes to expand their packaging, and perhaps design new packaging, with Scanlux Packaging, in the nearest future.