Environment and Quality at the Heart of Filippa K

14th August 2018|Customer Cases|

Filippa K is one of the largest fashion brands in Scandinavia, with 30 stores and 350 employees. They sell clothes, shoes and accessories for both men and women. The Swedish fashion house is the epitome of fashion, which they combine with sustainability – from their collections, to the packaging used.

Filippa K focuses on the stylish and exclusive design made in quality materials. They are dedicated to giving their customers a timeless design, but they also want to show an environmental awareness. It is important for the Swedish fashion house to give their customers the best experience, while at the same time giving advice as to how to get the best out of the products. This is for example achieved by informing on the handling and washing of the clothes.

Environmental Production Is the Way Forward

Filippa K focuses on environmentally friendly solutions, which help to strengthen their brand. They want to provide their customers with the best experience with environmentally sound and durable packaging. The brand is thus able to create coherence for the eco-friendly ambitions by focusing on environmental solutions in both design and by choosing sustainable packaging. The fashion house sought a supplier who could offer environmentally-friendly solutions in packaging and gift wrapping paper. The company is thus in the struggle for a more sustainable future in the fashion industry.

The cooperation between Filippa K and Scanlux Packaging resulted in a high-quality, environmentally-friendly paper bag. The logo is placed on the black and white paper bags, giving an exclusive expression. By focusing on quality, design and the environmentally friendly production of the packaging, Filippa K ensures the incorporation of their values ​​into the packaging, while providing their customers with a better packaging solution.

The cooperation between the two companies will continue to focus on design, quality and environment in the future.